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Start 2014 with New Year Career Resolutions and Goals

January 7th, 2014

As we enjoy the first few weeks of the New Year, it is time to begin thinking about resolutions for 2014. Outside of the ones you might have put into place for your personal life, such as losing weight or saving more money, you should consider putting together a list of resolutions for your career. There is always room for improvement in your career, which is why a list of resolutions might be in your best interest.

Figure Out How to Make the Next Step

Our first resolution is to move up the ladder at your company. Staying focused on your work and involved usually only happens when you know you have the chance to advance. You can meet with your manager to discuss possible career paths. If you are not interested in advancement, it is time to consider moving to a new company.

How Does your Job Fit into the Company’s Goals?

Every employee should know and understand what roles their position plays in the goals of the company. By finding this out, you will be able to link you job to specific accomplishments of the company, further delighting you in your work. So, when you go into work next week, find out what your job does in meeting the goals of the company.

Go Above and Beyond the Scope of your Job

An important career resolution is to go above and beyond what the scope of your position actually entails. By doing this you will not only get noticed by your peers and your supervisor, but also by the highest management officials at the company. This is an excellent way to earn a promotion, a raise, or a nice bonus at the end of the project or year. Part of this resolution is to be proactive. Become involved in other projects within your department even if they do not fall under your job description. There is no reason why you cannot lend a helping hand.

Meet with Your Manager

Schedule meetings with your manager so the two of you are on the same page with what you are trying to accomplish. Keep him or her up-to-date with your projects, either assigned to you or ones that you are helping on at the time. Should you not keep your manager in the loop, issues could arise that affect your job and the manager’s job.

Make New Friends at Work

You are no longer in high school, which means that you should not become a member of a clique at work. The more people you meet and become friends with, the more likely it is that you will be asked to help on projects that could positively impact your career. You will also have a new group of friends you can rely on when you need help with a project. For all you know, one of these people could become your manager in the near future.

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