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5 Mistakes You Could Be Making as a Job Seeker and New College Grad

December 13th, 2013

As you near the end of your college experience an eagerly look forward to starting your new career, it’s easy to fall into some of the most common job search traps. After all, the career market is new territory for college grads, and some of the people and situations you may encounter will be terrifying indeed.  However, take heart – if you persevere and keep your attitude positive, you will eventually land a job where you can use your newfound degree and knowledge.

While we cannot guarantee that you will get a job right away, we do want to give you some helpful guidance on how to avoid the most common job search mistakes.

Lacking daily structure and direction.

While you are in college you are likely to have a lot of structure each day. Upon graduation, you may suddenly find yourself with no real direction and goals, outside of finding a job someday. This is a mistake that can cost you valuable weeks of lost interviews and potential earnings. Before you graduate, you will want to start sending out your resume to companies in your area of interest, setting up a schedule for job search time and follow ups to maximize your days.

Not accepting entry level.

A good many graduates think they can go after mid-level jobs right out of the gate just because they have a college degree, but it’s a huge mistake to ignore great entry level jobs. Instead, take the time to apply for jobs that are entry level and work your way up the corporate ladder. You may also want to look at paid internships as a way to earn the experience you are lacking, then opt for getting the on-the-job training you need to advance in your new career.

Going it alone.

The job search is never easy, even for a seasoned professional. As a college graduate you are in the right spot for getting career support by registering for work through a temporary agency like Staffing Resources. Oftentimes, temporary assignments can lead to very rewarding permanent jobs. Temp jobs often start at higher rates for the companies you want to work for. In fact, many businesses exclusively hire from temp agencies, so you can get a head start by going this route. Why not earn a paycheck, experience, and references as a temp?

Forgetting to network with peers.

The job search process can be frustrating if you don’t have any contacts in your industry of choice. One way to avoid the mistake of forgetting to network with your peers is to become active on social network groups for your industry. You may also want to join local networking groups that include actual business professionals in your industry to put you in front of them.

Not looking the part.

A job search can only be as productive as your ability to present yourself as the professional that you are. Take the time to build a new image for yourself with a great haircut, new interview clothes, and a positive attitude. Post a new picture of yourself on all your social networks and clean up your profiles so that you look like the candidate every company wants to hire.

The job search doesn’t have to be overly complicated for a new college grad. Be strategic and go after your new job with the same dedication you demonstrated when you went after your degree.

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