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The Right Time to Begin Looking for Candidates

November 14th, 2013

Running a successful business requires having an adequate supply of skilled employees. This is the very foundation of human resources, yet it’s something that keeps many HR managers up at night worrying about their recruitment efforts. In every organization there is a fine balance between hiring enough people to staff upcoming projects and hiring the wrong amount of employees to realize maximum productivity.

Deciding on the right time to begin looking for candidates can be tricky –especially in a post-recessionary period when hiring is not on the top of most company to-do lists.

The good news is that there are some ways to use predictive recruiting to stay ahead of your staffing demands. These methods are used to successfully recruit the right amount of people to manage the peaks and valleys in any business.

Partnering with a staffing agency

It’s been said that organizations that are adaptable and always thinking ahead are those that thrive in difficult times. This is certainly true for the thousands of companies that somehow managed to survive a tough last few years in an unstable economy. What’s their secret to success? It’s the fact that smart companies turned to the professional recruitment support of temporary staffing agencies.

Partnering with a quality staffing agency helps to fill in the gaps in staff when needed, without the long-term commitment and costs of permanent employees. Your staffing agency can also help you plan ahead and quickly fill jobs within your business during peak seasons or growth periods.

Outsourcing routine tasks

When you think about it, a number of tasks that your full-time employees do now could be outsourced to a contractor or two. This would eliminate the need to replace employees or recruit large numbers of employees in the coming year. Instead, leaving employees may be willing to take on part time contract work on an as-needed basis, or you could work with independent contractors who can perform these tasks for less money. This gives you added staffing flexibility and prepares you for busier times. Your staffing agency may be able to provide you with access to individuals who perform contract based work too.

Focusing on workforce training initiatives

Another method for being proactive about your staffing needs is to work with your executive team to help plan and predict potential skills that will be needed in the near future. Focus on providing workforce training and educational incentives for your current employees. Conduct a skills assessment across your staff population to determine if there are gaps in skills and knowledge that will prevent your business from taking on industry challenges.

Plan recruiting campaigns that focus on these skill gaps. Educate and inspire your employees on important industry updates and make learning a large part of your organization. Support cross-training among team members, and use job shadowing to bring new hires up to speed. Bring on temporary staffers who have above-average skills and enable them to transfer this knowledge to your employees.

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