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How to Dig Out of a Career Rut

October 17th, 2013
Getting “stuck” in a career rut is a problem many working people face at some point in their lives. Regardless of how you got into that career path in the first place, such as going to college for your degree or starting at the bottom and working your way up, it is common to suddenly be looking for other options.
The problem that most people have with a career rut is becoming complacent in a career for too long and lacking the motivation to look elsewhere. These helpful tips will help you dig your way out of the career rut.
1. Regroup
The first you should do to get out of the career rut is by regrouping and analyzing where you currently stand. Take a look at your resume and cover letter and make necessary updates. If you have been at your current job for a while, there is most likely some things on your resume that need to be updated. Here are some changes to make on your resume:
• Rewrite the objective (or replace with a summary of skills) for your current career
• Add accomplishments and recognition you have earned from your recent positions
• Improve your cover letter until it’s more closely aligned with your long term career goals
2. Measure the Results
If your objective is to advance your career at the company you currently work for, you should involve your supervisor and human resources department as soon as possible. They can help you take a closer look at how you started and what you have been doing since you started the job. Your progress and work performance can give you a way to measure the results so far and look at your goals from a different perspective.
3. Analyze Your Progress
If you are stuck in a career rut but you haven’t been taking the necessary steps to move forward, then you already know what the problem is. It can help to take a step back and truly analyze your progress thus far. Think about your future career goals and what strategies will help get you there. This may be improving your resume and cover letter, asking your employer about alternative opportunities to develop your career, or going back to school to earn that college degree you need to advance in your industry.
4. Find the Sideways Growth
You may not be able to move up at all with your company and experience, but what about sideways? Perhaps you have a passion for the industry, but not necessarily the job you currently have? Some positions don’t have higher levels within the company, but can teach you skills that will elevate you into other positions. You may want to seek out new projects that can help you learn skills that are relevant to new assignments within your current employer’s environment, or consider a part time internship or temporary second job to learn an entirely new skillset. Take advantage of all onsite training programs offered by your employer and get certified in products you use on the job.
5. Try New Strategies
Sometimes the effort you put forth in furthering your career isn’t successful and you need to evaluate what you’re doing so you can try different strategies. Additional factors to consider include networking through social media, utilizing keyword searches with your online resume, or speaking to your boss about more opportunities within the company. You may also want to register as a temporary agency employee for seasonal and short term assignments, so you can try on new types of work without the long term commitment. Just think of what you can learn by trying new things!
If you follow these simple tips, you can be out of the career rut and on your way to bigger and better things in no time. Never stop learning, growing and striving for something more to avoid another rut.
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