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5 Ways to Be an Employer of Choice

August 21st, 2013

Is your organization considered a top company in your industry? Becoming an employer of choice is one great way to compete for the best talent. New college graduates as well as seasoned career changers are looking for the opportunity to add a top employer to their experience, therefore it makes sense to reel them in. How can you do this? With the following perks!

Offering More than Just a Paycheck to Become a Top Employer

Attracting high performance candidates takes more than just a competitive compensation strategy. It takes creating a brand that speaks loudly to your corporate culture and benefits of working for your business. Outside of above average wages and benefits, there are some unique perks that the best candidates will be looking for. Consider how you can develop a strong corporate brand that brings in the best pool of available talent.

Perks to Sweeten the Pot

Here are some suggested incentives you can add to your recruitment offering, to attract quality candidates to your doors.

Strong health and wellness program – Workplaces around the nation are trying to develop employee benefit programs that offer something better than the competition. With the Affordable Care Act requiring certain employers to provide access to affordable health care coverage, an employer who offers a complete corporate wellness program will rise above. These cost effective programs encourage employee wellness on many levels, attracting candidates who want to remain active and healthy.

Flexible hours and work life balance  – The trend towards more work life balance has created an entire generation of workers who specifically look for this perk when considering job offers. Establish less stringent work schedules, giving employees the option to come in a few minutes before or after standard office hours. Provide generous paid time off and personal time so that they are not torn between their family and work responsibilities. Flextime has been shown to produce happier and more productive employees.

Collaborative work environment  – Gone are the days when employees were forced to spend eight-hours a day in tiny cubicles as part of some big “machine”. Nowadays, the workplace has evolved into a more creative and innovative space where employees can collaborate and share ideas and work together towards solving problems.  Add a collaborative work space to your current mix and see how this improves your corporate culture.

Buy in from current employees – In order to improve your image as an employer of choice, you need to change the status quo and get full buy-in from your current employee population. Educate them on the corporate goals and how important they are to the company. Take steps to make the workplace more respectful, include diversity as a value, and celebrate the achievements of your people. Your best cheerleaders in terms of quality referrals will become your employees.

Recognition and reward for performance – Regularly honoring and recognizing the efforts of your employees is a key factor to becoming a top employer. Train your management team to verbalize praise for performance, and offer attainable bonuses and incentives for your employees. This encourages productivity and creativity at work from all. Over time, your company will develop a positive reputation.

One of the ways to support this effort to become a top contender in the market is to work with a staffing agency to place quality people into key positions at your business. By planning for future leadership and hiring the best, you can secure your place among the best known and respected companies.

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