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Building Your Workforce Like an All-Star Team

February 15th, 2016

The NBA All Star Game was an exciting event that millions of fans watched, cheering for their favorite team. Consider how challenging it is to build a team of such talented players? Each team is made up of 24 players, but only 12 get to play at any one time. That’s a lot of pressure and anticipation. Each one of the players has worked hard for years to get to this point in his career. They’ve been through difficult games, big wins and losses, conflicts with other players, and overcome some pretty awesome obstacles to get picked for this honor. The coaches are skilled at recognizing each player’s unique gifts and put them in the right position so they can shine.

Now think about the average workplace. Building a team there can be just as difficult. Talent is either coming from all different directions, or it’s nearly impossible to find. Hiring managers have to think strategically about who to choose, and then where to place them so they can do the most good for the team and for the company. Do this right, and the company wins. Make mistakes, and it can take the entire team down.

Just like the NBA All Star Game, it’s important to let each member of your work team focus on his or her strengths in order to build a truly “all star” team. How can you support this goal to build a strong team and company?

Give employees challenging work to do

Don’t just dole out the same boring tasks to your talented people. Instead, hire temps to handle routine administrative work and put the focus on giving your talent challenging projects to work on.They will be less bored and achieve more when you believe they can.

Match personalities up to build the team

It takes a lot of personalities to build an NBA team, from funny players who get the audience going to serious leaders who get the job done. In your work team, you also need a good mix of complimentary personalities. Choose people carefully and match them up to other complimentary personalities to avoid conflicts.

Recognize your team members

Sure, the team is about getting it done and doing it well, but it also takes regularly recognizing each MVP individually. Put into place an incentive program and recognize the amazing talent and team you have built.
While your team may not win the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy at the end of the game, they are winners in the business world. Build a strong team and your company will also win.

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