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Start Managing Your Workforce Like an All-Star Baseball Team

September 9th, 2015

Managing  highly productive, winning workforce is one of the most difficult parts of being a leader. You have to know how to handle many different personalities, skill sets and work ethics. If you have never managed a group of people before, it can become a daunting task. In order to succeed, you need to manage your workforce like an “all star team”. Here’s how:

Create Synergy

In order to create an all star team, you must create synergy among team members. This means that everyone must be encouraged to offer ideas at meetings and when projects are being completed. When you put the best thinkers on the same team at the office, you are going to inspire creativity and greatness. It might take them some time to get on the same page, but once synergy is reached, the sky will be the limit.

Build a Pipeline of Talent

Just like a Major League Baseball team has a pipeline of talent from the Minor Leagues, you too must have a pipeline of talent that leads to your team. This pipeline should always remain active, because once you shut it down, it will be hard to reactivate at a moment’s notice. You need to continually look for people who can complement your team and put it over the top with a different skill set or idea.

Manage the Egos

As with any team, including those in the workplace, you will run into problems with egos. You need to be able to manage the egos effectively in order for the team to succeed. This means that the egos should not be allowed to take over the team and influence bad decisions or poor work. The sooner you get the egos under control, the better your team will work together towards the common goal.

Compile the Best Talent

An all star team must have the best talent available at the office on it. Do not leave anyone out who could contribute to the success of the team immediately. When you put all of your firepower on one team, it will only benefit your company in the long run. Fill in the missing pieces with other levels of talent along the way.

Managing your workforce like an all star team is not that difficult. The bottom line is that it must be done in order to succeed. When you get the most out of all your all stars, your success rate will be through the roof.

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