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How to Manage Employee Complaints

July 10th, 2015

It happens in every workplace.

Employees start to feel unhappy about some area of their job or the company they work for. They start to grumble under their breath about things that never bothered them before. Over time, disgruntled employees begin to vent loudly to their peers and some even take it to the extreme of posting negative company reviews on the Internet. This is something you need to prevent as a manager because once the complaint is out there, the damage is done.

Don’t ignore employee complaints.

6 Ways to Manage Employee Complaints to Improve Your Workforce

Maintain an Open Door Policy

One of the things that will help to prevent much of the complaining is having an open door policy with employees. This lets employees feel confident about voicing their concerns to a manager before they go viral in the workplace.

Conduct Performance Reviews

Performance reviews should be done more than once a year. Why? Because this opens up dialogue between employees and managers on an ongoing basis. Problems in performance can stem from a number of job related issues, which can be dealt with sooner through active reviews.

Address Complaints Promptly

If an employee is complaining, it’s a good time to take the individual into a private meeting to find out why. Don’t ignore it and don’t let it go on. Address the concerns that the employee has and come up with a solution to move past this in a positive way.

Be Specific with Requests and Expectations

Many complaints stem from communication issues between management and employees. To prevent this problem, start finding ways to be clear on any requests with steps written out. Use multiple communication methods to get the word out. Be clear and direct with expectations, never assuming that employees are getting the message.

Treat Employees as Individuals

Every employee deserves to be heard. Respect goes a long way towards solving problems. Listen to complaints and then use reflective words to get clarity on the issue. Never compare one person’s issue with another person’s experience. Treat all employees as individuals.

Communicate Appreciation and Respect

Complaints are a normal part of every workplace, so expect a few here and there. But, stop them in their tracks by acknowledging the contribution your employees make and saying thanks often. Make employee recognition a regular part of the company culture. This gesture alone will help to cut down on complaints.

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