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How to Stand Out from the Other “Now Hiring” Signs

February 16th, 2015

Companies are competing just as much as job seekers when it comes to finding the right candidates for open jobs. This means that companies need to find new and creative ways to stand out from their competitors when the “now hiring” signs are posted online and in newspapers. We will discuss the best ways to stand out from the crowd as an employer when it comes to fighting for the best talent in the industry.

Offer Excellent Benefits and Compensation

Most of the competition for top talent in today’s market stems from the benefits and compensation offered to candidates by employers. If your company cannot put together a nice benefits package with strong compensation, it is likely that you will not be able to bring in top talent. Companies that stand out from the rest are ones that have a top-notch benefits package and strong compensation. Benefits should include health, dental, 401(k), vision, flexible spending accounts and paid time off.

Flexible Scheduling is Becoming Popular

More and more companies are offering flexible scheduling programs for their employees. The reason behind this is employees want to have more flexible schedules and do not want to be tied to a 9-5 job any longer. Flexible schedules could include working extra hours from Monday through Thursday in order to leave early or have the day off on Friday or even coming in later and staying later if the employee needs to go to a doctor appointment in the morning. This way, the employee will not need to use a personal day.

Be Transparent

Companies that are transparent with their employees will find it much easier to attract the top talent in the industry when jobs become available. Transparency includes keeping the employees abreast of how well or poorly the company is doing and much more. The more honest you are with employees, the better your reputation will be within the job market.

Offer a Welcoming Environment

The environment at your company must be welcoming to employees of all levels. Consider getting rid of your cubicle farms and adding open-air work centers so employees can better interact with each other throughout the day. Also, make sure the culture at your company is as strong as it can be. If this means weeding out some problem employees in order to attract the best talent, be sure this gets done.

Appreciate Your Employees

If all else fails, make sure you show your employees appreciate for their time spent working on a project and a job well done. This can come in the form of an award at an annual banquet, a blast email to the entire company, a letter of commendation, an employee of the month award or a simple thank you at a staff meeting. Employees want to know their work is appreciated. It doesn’t take much to make this happen.

Standing out from the crowd as an employer can be difficult, but if done the right way, your company should have talent knocking down your door.

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