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What is Temp to Hire?

May 9th, 2014

In the recruitment world, there is a term often used to describe a special type of work arrangement that many people choose for building or starting a career. This is called a “temp to hire” assignment, and it’s most often used by companies that want to bring new employees on board in a cost-effective way.

Explaining the Temp to Hire Work Option

Temp to hire basically refers to a worker who comes on as a temporary contractor for an agreed upon period of time to perform specific tasks. Once the terms of the contract are completed and the worker performs to company standards, is offered a permanent job. Most temporary to hire assignments are managed by temporary staffing agencies, where candidates are carefully selected for each job type. Therefore, each temporary worker, often called a “temp” is a good fit for the job and is expected to perform well enough for consideration of future employment.

Why is Temp to Hire a Good Option for Employees?

As a job seeker, you may be wondering “what’s in this for me?” For the individual who is searching for a new career experience, a temp to hire position can be highly beneficial. First, it’s always better to be working and earning a paycheck while also learning new work related skills.  Second, temp to hire jobs can help make candidates more appealing to other employers because temps have current skills and are actively working.

Besides the advantage of rewarding temporary and flexible assignments, temps can put themselves in the right place for upward career mobility. Very often local employers do not actively advertise new job openings nor do they hire off the street. Instead, companies choose to save on recruitment time and costs by only hiring through temporary agencies directly. This means you will only have a chance of getting hired on as a temp to hire. Lastly, a temp to hire job can offer higher pay and benefits from the start, instead of waiting months for an employer to offer you these perks.

Why is Temp to Hire a Good Option for Companies?

In the business world, temp to hire provides a solid return in investment. Recruitment becomes more streamlined by outsourcing to the temporary agency instead of having an in-house recruitment team. Time to hire is sped up because of the nice supply of pre-screened temp talent that the agency has ready to start working. Even costs are better maintained because the company knows what to expect with payroll and benefits administration handled by the agency.

Temp to hire is also great for any business that is undergoing a growth period, has seasonal peaks in production, or the need for hard-to-find specialists to manage important projects. Flexible temp to hire workers can be provided for short term or long term assignments, depending on the needs of the company. Using a temp workforce can make it easier to comply with workplace issues like performance reviews, health insurance and unemployment benefits.

Whether you are searching for a temp to hire job or you want to learn how a temp to hire workforce model can support your business, we encourage you to connect with Staffing Resources, a premier Atlanta staffing agency with many excellent opportunities.

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