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Positive Attitudes Are Powerful

March 20th, 2020

As a leader in your organization, you help set the tone of your workplace. When you become stressed and frustrated, that attitude can spread to all your employees, and they begin to feel anxious as well. The more negative vibes out there, the more likely it is your team will handle the pressure.  

Fortunately, this works the opposite way as well. Positive attitudes start a chain reaction, making it harder and harder for people down the line to feel the energy. Your goal is a workplace with this feeling, but it’s not always easy to maintain. Try these three suggestions to keep positive thoughts with your team 


Don’t be shy about positive feedback.

There are a lot of stereotypes associated with the millennial generation and their need for praise, but research shows that employees who feel valued and appreciated are more loyal and productive. This means it’s not just one generation who likes being acknowledged for their work – everyone does!  

This doesn’t mean you don’t offer constructive feedback – you do. As an employer, you must learn to balance both positive and constructive feedback. To spread the positive attitude, start by praising and recognizing the excellent work of your staff and letting that energy become the dominating force. 


Keep your people engaged.

If your attitude is one of isolation and siloes, your employees will feel and respond in kind. Making them feel like they aren’t really part of things can lead to unrest and discontentedness on the job. Rather than spiraling to this outcome, take time to involve them with what’s going on and update them with changes. Instead of feeling left out, they’ll maintain a more positive attitude toward you and their work, which will only bring good things.  


Avoid getting swamped by the impossible.

There is a slippery slope of the impossible that you have the potential to fall if you go too far. Sometimes your goal seems unattainable, or a project deadline seems unrealistic. If you let yourself feel these pressures, so will your team, which isn’t helpful for anyone.  

To keep it positive, focus on the possible and, more importantly, actually look for it! Don’t just expect a solution to find its way to you. Collaborate with your team and find a way to make things work without accepting ‘it can’t be done.’ This attitude is invaluable and will set the positive tone that every workplace needs 


We’re positive we can help solve your staffing problems.

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