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Wear a Smile to Brighten Your Day

March 13th, 2020

Smiling is an involuntary action we all engage in, at least from time to time, but it can be so much more. Beyond a reaction to something funny or joyful, a smile can have positive effects on your life, including in your workplace. Just how does smiling more impact you and the others around you? Here are five ways wearing a smile will brighten your day 


A smile can spread like germs in an office.

Everyone is trying to avoid any semblance of germs in the office, but a smile is something contagious you want to spread. Think about it – when you smile, your mood improves, and already you feel better. Now, remember when you’ve seen someone else smile. Like most people, you’ve probably smiled in spite of yourself and felt better, too. By deciding to smile more, you can help everyone in your office have a more positive mood.  


A smile is a stress reliever. 

Ways of reducing stress are always welcome, and this is something you already know how to do! Smiling by itself can help remove the look of stress from your face, but the effect isn’t purely cosmetic. The act itself can relieve your stress, even if you don’t know why you’re smiling.  


A smile can help your blood pressure.

On the subject of stress, smiling can help lower your blood pressure! It’s worth it to test if you can because there is a measurable drop in your blood pressure while you’re smiling.  


A smile can stop you from getting sick!

To be clear, we aren’t saying a smile is all you need to avoid the flu, but it can help boost your immune system. The theory is that smiling releases neurotransmitters into your brain because you’re relaxed, meaning your immune system can function at a higher level. At this point in the year, you’ll try anything to avoid getting sick, so why not try smiling more? 


A smile portrays confidence.

Smiling is a simple way to appear more successful, and studies show that employees who regularly smile have a better chance of promotion. Plus, when you’re viewed as more approachable by your smile, you can have better lines of communication with your team.  


Smile more with Staffing Resources!

As staffing professionals, we know the stress that can come with trying to find the perfect candidate for your open position. You have hundreds of options, but not nearly enough time. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you to have no fear (and smile!). We’re the experts at what we do, and we can save you time and money, all while delivering the employee you need. Request an employee to get started today!  

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