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Lead like You Have No Fear

January 24th, 2020

When you’re a manager, there are a lot of articles and books full of advice and tips to make yourself a leader. There are steps to take and processes to learn that all relate to how you can manage effectively and be seen as a leader. Sometimes, the solution isn’t as simple as what you can find in an online list. It comes from within yourself, and it’s a little thing called charisma.  

Inspiring someone isn’t necessarily the words you say, but how you say them. Charisma is a charm that draws people to you and makes them loyal. The key to consider is that it inspires devotion, not demands it. People respond to how you lead, and in turn, become excited about the growth of their company and department. Here are three ways you can lead with charisma like you have no fear.  


Express vision 

More than just a plan or goals, you can show your employees you have a vision. This goes beyond facts and figures, and into an idea, people can grasp and believe. When you take the time to go over where you see the company going and how you want to get there, you’re inviting people to see the vision with you and join in the work to get you there. Based on your confidence and ideas, people will want to become more engaged.  


Remain determined

Giving up on your vision won’t inspire anything in your team. If you want to lead with confidence so they’ll follow, you have to show you’re determined through every setback. With a problem-solving mindset, you view potential issues as opportunities to redirect and try something new. You aren’t deterred by what goes wrong; instead, you’re motivated in a way that causes others to keep working for a solution with you.  


Careful communication

As a manager, you likely know the importance of communicating with your team. Beyond just keeping them updated, you have to think about the words you’re using and how you’re presenting the information. No matter the news, good or bad, keep your posture relaxed without slouching and focus on eye contact even when you want to look away.   

Find ways to deliver your news that doesn’t shy away from the facts or become too cynical. Everything, no matter the tone, should tie back into your vision and remind your team why they do the work that they do.  


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