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Employee Appreciation Tips for the Holiday Season

December 27th, 2018

Businesses are either beginning to wind down or rev up during the holiday season, and no matter where your company falls, it’s the right time to express employee appreciation. For many, it’s a stressful season with workloads and out-of-office concerns and a little extra gratitude can go a long way. If you want to ramp up your employee appreciation efforts, here are a few tips for the holidays:


Develop office traditions

Whether it’s a potluck at work, luncheon out of office or a workspace decorating competition, there are easy ways to keep you engaged with your employees. Ideas like these help break up the work day and provide you with more time to recognize what they’ve accomplished and thank them for their hard work. Plus, office traditions provide something for your staff to look forward to every year.


Company gifts

Depending on the size of profitability of your company, this might not always be an option, but even a small token of gratitude and recognition can go a long way. Start with a personalized thank-you note for their hard work and consider gift cards, office supplies or food as a simple gift option. By thanking them with a card and a gift, you’re letting them know they are a valuable member of your team.


Provide extra time off

If feasible, consider offering more paid days off around the holidays. Showing you value your employees’ time is one of the best ways to express how thankful you are for them. Because time is such a valuable commodity, your team will appreciate this gesture immensely.


Start the new year right

Bring the fresh start mentality into your workplace for the new year. Set up a day dedicated to future planning and use it to focus on the mission of your organization and how your team can contribute to your goals. Make the day uplifting and focused on the good things to come in the new year. This way, your employees will shake off the bad from the previous year and embrace all that worked and carry the positive energy into the new year.


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