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The Importance of Allowing Your Employees to Take Off During the Holiday Season

December 14th, 2018

When you run a business, the most wonderful time of the year might seem like the opposite. The end-of-year projects and assignments begin to pile up, office parties keep inhibiting productivity, and everyone wants additional time off. While it can seem tempting to shut down leave around the holidays, keeping the option open for employees through strategic planning is a better solution.


The benefits of allowing leave

You want your team in the office to get work done, but if you aren’t flexible, it could lead your team to become less enthusiastic about their job and reduce productivity as a result. By supporting leave requests, you show you respect work-life balance and are willing to work with your employees. In turn, they will be grateful and more likely to work harder for you. To make this work for your company without being understaffed, you need to plan your strategy in advance to keep everything moving.


Start with an end-of-year leave plan

Don’t blindside your employees in the middle of November with a notice that no more requests will be accepted. Limitations may be expected, but you want to give your team as much time to prepare as possible. As summer ends, notify your team you’d like all year-end requests in by October and they’ll be honored on a first come, first serve basis. This will help motivate them as well as prepare them for coming restrictions.


Offer a work-from-home option

Depending on your company, you might be able to compromise with employees so you both win. Instead of losing your workforce, you can offer the opportunity to work from home. This way they’re able to stay home and your company keeps running smoothly.


Consider temporary workers

Another option is bringing in temporary employees to bridge the gap. When you plan for temps, you can have them in and training with whoever will be out to make sure there’s a seamless transition. Even better, you might find a new employee from the mix.


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