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Personal Branding – How to Land the Job

November 18th, 2013

Getting hired takes more than just a fancy resume. It takes a combined effort of creating a personal brand that will attract recruiters at the companies you want to work for. The truth is, there are many candidates out there who are looking for career opportunities like you. However, your brand is what makes you stand out to the top recruiters — putting you that much closer to landing a dream job.

Learn how to leverage your personal brand to get more lucrative job offers!

#1 – Develop a personal brand that honors your talents and credentials.

Over the years, you’ve amassed a number of unique work skills and probably earned some credentials too, such as a college degree or industry certifications. Make sure your personal brand is communicating this message to recruiters. Think of your top 5 things you bring to the table, and develop a brand around these strong points.

#2 – Use the right online and offline resources to develop your personal brand.

Your personal brand is something that tells others who you are and what you are an expert about. Once you have identified this, make sure you are displaying a consistent personal brand in both your online and offline job search efforts. For example, your resume and your business/personal cards may be branded to your online portfolio or social networking profiles. This is especially important as you attend job fairs, business networking events, and search for work online.

#3 – Must-have information to display as part of your personal career brand.

There are several things that are critical for you to share online as part of your personal brand. Failure to do so makes it difficult for recruiters to find you. First, use the same name and profile picture. Second, include your main personal branding career keywords based on the industry you are focused on working in. Next, include a bio that shares the level of experience you have in a mini-resume format. Last, integrate all your personal branding networks into one central online portfolio and share this link with recruiters in every networking place you can. This portfolio can be your blog, your online resume, or your LinkedIn profile, for example.

#4 – Connect with the best recruiters and networks for your career growth.

Your personal brand is only as effective as the ways in which you promote it. Take time each day to connect with recruiters, staffing agencies who specialize in your industry, and online networking groups. If you belong to any career networks, be sure to share content and add value to your participation. Being proactive means you will be present and in front of the recruiters and staffing agents who are looking for candidates such as yourself.

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