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How Do I Prepare for a Phone Screening?

October 9th, 2013

A phone screening is a common method of vetting applicants to determine who should be called in for a face-to-face interview. While it seems like an easy process, it can be more intimidating for some candidates than a regular interview. While just a few basic questions may be asked of you during a phone screen, the responses you have can be the difference between going to the next level of interviews and being dropped from consideration.

It is important to be ready for it with clear answers and details about your work and educational experience before the call takes place. Here are some tips to help you with your phone screening.

1.       Communicate Clearly

Being on the phone puts you at a slight disadvantage because the person on the other line does not have the ability to see you physically. During the call, make sure you focus on speaking slowly and clearly, without mumbling or lowering your tone too much. You should also smile while you are talking, because they tends to help you maintain a positive voice when answering questions. The interviewer can’t go based on body language, so having a positive attitude and pleasant demeanor helps you to sound better on the phone.

2.       Do Your Research

It is also important that you research the company before they call for a phone screening. Get as much information as you can, starting with the company’s website. This should give you some insight into what they do, what services they provide, and a little bit about their culture. It is helpful to have this insight before your phone screening so you know how to answer questions and can come up with a question or two of your own.

3.       Avoid Distractions

If you were able to schedule the phone screening ahead of time, choose a time when there won’t be distractions. Make sure all other phones and electronic devices are turned off, pets are in a place where they won’t be disturbing you, and you are in a quiet location away from kids or other noise. You should be dedicating all of your energy to the phone screen interview during the short time you are on the phone.

4.       Provide Insightful Answers

The phone screening is helping the company decide who to bring in for an interview, based on the answers you give. Recruiters select these questions very carefully, so you should follow the understanding that there is a specific purpose for these questions. Think for a moment before answering, and provide thoughtful and honest answers to help both of you determine if you are a right fit.

5.       Ask Questions

Like in a face-to-face interview, the person doing the phone screening will ask if you have any questions. It helps to have some questions prepared that show you have done your research. Ask questions about the company, their culture and the specifics of position that you are currently applying for. These all look great when doing the phone screening.

By following these tips, you will are increasing your chances of having a successful phone screening that will help you get the final interview and hopefully land the job.

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