Staffing Resources

Why It’s Important to Have Well-Rested Employees

July 31st, 2017

American media and corporate culture have long promoted the image of a hardworking employee; staying late at the office, showing dedication by losing sleep. But in real life, is such an “around-the-clock” work ethic really productive? Studies show the answer is a resounding no. The Cost of Sleep Deprivation According to a survey by Harvard […]

How To Overcome a Lack of Employee Focus in the Summer Months

June 15th, 2017

Summer – time for good weather, barbecues, and vacations. And sometimes, all that fun can make it hard for employees to focus during work hours. How can you overcome this lack of focus throughout the summer months? Be Careful With Monetary Rewards & Other Incentives Incentive programs can be great motivators, but only if done […]