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How Many Jobs Should Be Included on a Resume?

January 7th, 2016

The question often comes up with job seekers who have extensive career history of how many jobs they should include on their resume. There are couple of ways to look at this. It’s possible to “date” yourself by including jobs that go past too many years. A high number of jobs over a long period […]

Is Your Resume Putting Your Best Foot Forward?

November 23rd, 2015

Your professional resume is very often the first impression that a hiring manager has of you. How you structure your resume and the information you include can influence a hiring manager in his or her decision to call you for an interview, or not. While there is no one correct way to write a resume, […]

How to Stand Out From the Crowd During a Job Search

October 30th, 2015

If you are looking for a great new job in Atlanta, you are keenly aware that the competition is tough. There are many leading companies in this desirable region of the USA, so there will only be so many jobs to go around. The one way you can succeed in landing a dream job here […]

Good News…The Hiring of College Grads is on the Rise

October 16th, 2015

Millions of college students headed back to school for the Fall and Winter terms, with one thing on their minds – getting a good job after graduation. No one wants to spend years earning a degree and then facing the bleak future of working as a coffee barista earning minimum wage and still living at […]