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Your Job Descriptions Could Be Costing You Top Candidates

August 16th, 2018

It’s easy to discuss the frustration around the job search from the perspective of job seekers who feel like they’re applying to thousands of positions without any success. With more than 2,500,000 jobs posted in 2015 and trends continuing to hold, they think it seems inevitable they will find employment. Unfortunately, an influx of applicants doesn’t make the process easier for employers either.


Despite the abundance of jobs and job seekers, one study found that 83 percent of hiring managers stated they aren’t satisfied with the candidates they see. At this point, frustration is evident on both sides and clearly there’s a disconnect. Talented people are looking for work but HR departments aren’t seeing these qualified leads. If you’re feeling like you aren’t attracting the best talent for your company, consider reexamining your job descriptions. There are two major issues that might be costing you top candidates.


You’ve filled the description with company-specific jargon

Jargon is a plague among companies and industries, but often it is unavoidable. When you have your own terms to describe processes and positions, it can be easy to forget not everyone understands and use them in a job posting. While it makes perfect sense to you, job seekers may read it and be completely lost. The best person for the position might assume they aren’t a good fit and scroll away.


In fact, 66 percent of applicants don’t actually understand the jobs they’re trying to get, considering all the jargon included. Enough matches up with what they can do so they apply, leaving hiring managers disappointed because the right candidates aren’t coming through. To be successful, provide details so the candidates understand, but the length and wording doesn’t become overwhelming.


Make it searchable

In line with avoiding jargon, you want to make it searchable. This involves using keywords that are common within an industry so candidates understand the position they’re applying for. Even if you have a different name for a position, promote it with a standard term, so when seekers type in search terms, your opportunity has a chance of popping up. More than just the title, use these keywords throughout the post to increase your visibility. Here you must walk a line between workable content and SEO nonsense.


Cut out the middle service

While posting your jobs online is a good method to find new hires, we have another suggestion. Staffing Resources connects the best talent with the best companies in the Atlanta area. Instead of carefully crafting a description to post, you can talk to us and we can find the perfect fit with our resources. We consider ourselves Atlanta’s most dedicated and passionate staffing and recruiting professionals for a reason. Contact us, today!

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