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How to Recover After Losing Your Top Performer

July 13th, 2018

A team shouldn’t be built around one team member, but sometimes losing a particular person can become your star. A top performer is someone you rely on, and believe is dedicated to your company, causing the announcement of their departure to be an unexpected and disappointing surprise. While it may feel like disaster, it isn’t the end. Here are some ways to recover in the fallout of their leaving.


Think Through a Counteroffer

Sometimes it is about the money, but usually your star team member had other reasons for their wandering eyes. It’s tempting to immediately try to keep them, but you need to think about the long-term for both you and the employee. Is it wise to pay someone more who doesn’t really want to stay? Do you want to convince them to stay only to go through this again when they realize they still want to leave?


Work With Them Before They Leave

They are still a valuable asset before leaving. No matter your feelings, don’t leave them to sit at their desk for two weeks. This is an important time to prepare for the next steps. Your goal is to find a worthy replacement, and that starts with learning more of the details behind their position to help update the job description and learn what you should be looking for.


Additionally, they can be helpful in the hiring process. If the timing coincides, have them sit in on interviews or provide recommendations. At this point, no one knows the job better than them, and they’re your best gauge for finding the right person to fill their shoes.


Develop a Plan for Your Team

If you can’t fill the position quickly, be prepared to adjust responsibilities within the team. The person leaving had a specific job to do, and it most likely can’t be neglected in the downtime. Be transparent with your team so they aren’t left to wonder what the plan is, now that the person is leaving. Work with them to determine the best division of tasks.


Find a Replacement Fast!

Finally, replacing your valuable employee is the final way for you to truly recover. The sooner you get someone trained and in the role, the sooner it’s business as usual on the team. If you’re stressed about the hiring journey ahead of you, consider hiring a staffing agency.


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