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Do You Stand Out Among Your Co-Workers as a Leader at Work?

July 6th, 2018

It’s likely you didn’t start your career hoping you could stay in the same position until you retire. Most people have a general idea of where they’d like to go, and usually it involves moving beyond where they are now. One of the best ways to stand out and advance your career is to be a leader. Ask yourself the following four questions to determine if you’re standing out in your workplace.


  1. Do you work to your strengths instead of your weaknesses?

Ever since you received your first report card in school, you’ve been working to improve your weakness. It’s a natural human response to feedback – we learn what we aren’t great at, so we try to close to gap. As a result, you neglect your strengths.


Being a leader doesn’t mean ignoring where you’re weak. It’s important to keep improving, but it should never be at the expense of what you’re actually good at. Continue working with your strengths to show your management how good you can be in your position.


  1. Are you willing to pitch in?

It’s easy to request placement on the good projects, but true leaders go where they’re needed. Even if it means you’re knee-deep in spreadsheets trying to find minute details, you quickly volunteer because you know it’s important, even if it isn’t glamorous. To be a leader, you have to embrace the grunt work.


  1. How do you handle conflict?

Perhaps you think “so far, so good” with these questions, but number three is harder. During conflict, do you immediately reject opinions different from your own, or do you listen? Are you willing to give the benefit of the doubt or believe someone else messed up? A good leader knows how to handle conflict gracefully, seeing both sides and seeking resolution instead of being right.


  1. Are you a team player?

A selfish team member doesn’t make a good leader. Management doesn’t want to promote the employees who only look out for themselves. The key here is to remember the success of the company should be your ultimate goal, not your own advances. You’re all on the same team, and your behavior to your co-workers should reflect this.


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