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How Much Does it Cost to Work with a Recruiter as a Job Seeker?

February 21st, 2014

For those of you who are in-between careers, hiring a recruiter could be a boost to your efforts in landing a great new job. Recruiters are not only hired by companies to find employees, but also by job seekers who are struggling with finding a job. This can be for several reasons including being a new college grad or mid-life career changer with limited experience, or just being a specialist who is finding it hard to find a company that can appreciate your unique skills.

Be sure to note that if you choose to go this route, you will need to pay a fee for the recruiter’s services and each recruiter or recruitment firm has different fee schedules. Make sure you perform some research prior to signing a contract with a recruiter so you know what is included in the fee.

What Can a Recruiter Do for Me?

Many of  you might ask yourselves this question often, especially when you are looking for a new job. A recruiter you hire is invested in your success because if you perform poorly on an interview, the recruiter will look bad as well. They will do everything possible to coach and prepare you for the interview while also making sure your resume is up-to-par and edited for each specific job you apply for in any industry. Plus, hiring a recruiter can fast track you to successfully landing a job, and your recruiter will negotiate to get you the best possible salary and perks. In other words, your recruiter has your best interests in mind.

What Do the Costs Look Like?

When figuring out if hiring a recruiter is in your best interest you need to first consider the cost. Recruiters charge their fees one of two ways. The first method is for the recruiter to charge you up-front for the services they will provide you. The second method is for them to receive a fee upon you being hired at a company after a successful interview. Depending on where you live, the fees will range due to restrictions set forth by some state laws. For example, in New York, the fees are restricted to a percentage of the employee’s first-year salary.

How a Recruiter Works for You

Think about this; recruiters are acting like your agent. They coach you for interviews, edit your resume, and sometimes help you negotiate your contract or benefits package. For all of these services, a nice fee will be charged because the recruiter needs to make a living as well.

It could be possible that the company hiring you pays the recruiting fee for you if hired. Or, the two parties could split the recruiting fee. Do not expect every company you work with to pay the recruiting fee even if they work with a staffing firm. Take into account the fact that you need a new job, or want to begin working again, and a recruiter will be able to point you in the right direction and help you with your job search when paying the fee.

Final word on hiring recruiters: If at all possible, try to work with a recruiter who is always paid by the employer. This will keep money in your pocket and allow you to focus on the task at hand.

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