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New Year, New You, New Employees

January 3rd, 2020

Setting resolutions is a common tradition around New Years, with many people focusing on the concept of ‘new year, new me.’ We take advantage of what feels like a fresh start to begin again and stay focused on the things that matter and make real changes in our lives. We want this year to be the best year ever, and that mindset should carry over into your business.  

When you think about your workplace, what are resolutions you’d like to see come to fruition there? Perhaps you’re looking for a more engaged team of employees who are willing to step up and take on a challenge. If you’ve had a fantastic year, how can you make the next one better? No matter where your business is at, try these suggestions to help your company start fresh with employees and make 2020 an amazing year.  


Celebrate past successes and set new goals

Maybe these celebrations happen at the holiday parties, but it’s important to reinforce what was accomplished once you’re back in the office. Start with a team-building day where you go through every success that happened last year and invite others to share theirs as well. Depending on the size of your company, this can be department or companywide.  

Next, think about where you want to go and brainstorm as a team. Build from the successes and misses in 2019 to see what needs to be done to keep growing forward. When you center goalsetting around team building and get everyone involved, it becomes more of a guiding factor for all employees because they feel like they’re a part of the plan.  


Develop employee recognition programs.

If you want to boost employee engagement and performance, try new employee recognition programs. Whether you go with peer to peer, manager to employee, or a combination of both, you’re creating an environment where your team feels valued because their hard works are recognized.  

Even if you acknowledge excellent performance now, an official program provides real incentives and structure to the process that everyone can join. You can choose perks like free lunches, gift cards, extra PTO, concert tickets, and more, based on what you think your team would respond to best.  


Focus on feedback.

Similar to a recognition program is the idea of regular evaluations and feedback. These aren’t meant to scare an employee but help them grow. By assisting them in setting individual goals and then following up on them throughout the year, you’ve become their partner in professional development because you want them to succeed. It can also boost your relationship and help you learn more about their career goals down the line.  


Make a resolution to hire the best talent.

Having the best talent is always what you want but make 2020 the year where you’re proactive in your search. By partnering with Staffing Resources, you get the Atlanta-based experts who can deliver the talent you’re looking for in less time than you can imagine. Contact us today to learn more! 

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