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5 Ways to Revamp Your Company Culture for Upcoming Generations

September 13th, 2019

Improving company culture is an ongoing topic of conversation as more and more businesses recognize the need to cultivate a positive work environment. As millennials slowly saturate the workforce with Gen Z close on their heels, it’s important to recognize what used to work won’t with these new generations. When faced with a multigenerational workforce, here are five ways you can revamp your company culture 


Accept Different Work Habits

One of the major differences between your baby boomers and millennials is their views on work. The former is focused on a nine-to-five schedule, staying at a company forever, and prioritizing the job. The latter, however, is almost the exact opposite. Millennials desire work-life balance and believe that the work can still get done with a flexible schedule.  

It’s a tricky line to walk, but you can give both groups what they’re looking for in your office. Instead of going too far one way or the other to please one generation, you can work with your team so they’re comfortable. Let people (with permission) work the schedule best for them.  


Be the Manager Your People Need

Different generations also desire different management styles. Younger workers seek out feedback, both positive and constructive. They want you to partner with them and check in instead of being a distant figure. Other employees may appreciate the hands-off approach. Get to know your workers and give them as much or as little space as they want, ensuring they’re getting their work done well.  


Recognize Strengths

Multigenerational offices mean varying skills based on life experiences. There are cases that defy this stereotype, but overall you will have groups that are better at certain tasks than others. Instead of making employees uncomfortable, work at playing to their individual strengths. This shows you recognize what they’re capable of instead of absentmindedly assigning work.  


Focus on Your Goals

The great equalizer across generations is the goals of your organization. Baby boomers and millennials may have different approaches to achieving them, but they still unite around the same mission. By keeping your team focused on the overall goal, you’re helping them move forward together.  


Keep Lines of Communication Open

One of the easiest ways to destroy a company culture is through mistrust and lack of communication. Employees of all ages appreciate feeling like they have a say and are aware of company news and changes. Make communication a priority from top to bottom, so your team feels in the know.  


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