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3 Reasons to Be Giving Your Employees Frequent Feedback

June 26th, 2019

The annual review is both a feared and respected tradition in the workforce. Goals are set at the beginning of the year, and then employees are judged on their achievements at the end. Team members walk in blind, unsure of what to expect, but hoping for the best. As the workforce evolves, it’s time to transform your review schedule.

Annual appraisals still have their purpose, but more companies are moving toward providing timely feedback that can affect performance in the moment, not six months later. Here are three reasons for you to give your employees frequent feedback.


It helps them perform

When a ship gets off course, you don’t wait several days before getting it back on track. You want to act in the moment to keep things from escalating. The same concept applies to the workplace.

Without feedback, employees could spend an entire year doing something incorrect or excessively difficult, meaning both time is wasted. Immediately discussing the matter with your employee can correct an action before it gets worse.

On the flip side, it’s also important to provide positive feedback in the moment. Employees like hearing it at the end of the year, but knowing you’re paying attention year-round will lead them to work harder because they know their work is valued.

It keeps them engaged

Consistent feedback is an excellent way to keep your team engaged through frequent communication. Instead of only checking in now and then, you become an active part of their position by providing feedback, suggestions and help when needed.

It’s important to distinguish being involved and micromanaging. They’ll engage more with you when they feel supported and heard, but being overbearing and interfering too much can have the opposite effect.

It helps them advance

By checking in and providing feedback, you’re also helping to develop your team’s careers. Instead of having them work at the same level, you can see where they’re succeeding and where they need help. Using this, you can help them achieve on all fronts and find a good rhythm for their career. Some managers are afraid of promoting employees new job, but studies have shown that employees appreciates the time you take to help them and will, in turn, be more loyal.


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