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How Is Your Business Planning to Combat Low Unemployment?

April 25th, 2019

Lower unemployment rates seem like a positive improvement for our workforce, but the trend isn’t without its dark side. It’s true, there are more jobs than ever in new and evolving fields, yet there aren’t enough candidates with the right skills or education to fill the roles. Companies scramble to quickly grow their numbers without checking to see if what they’re doing is efficient. The cost of living goes up without comparable pay raises and commutes begin to take longer.


Instead of being a victim of low unemployment, here’s what you can do to keep your company steady and embrace the national trend.


Rethink Your Hiring Process

When the candidate pool of job seekers was larger, the traditional method of waiting for a position to open and sharing it online worked for your business. Now, it’s a pool with less qualified applications, and trying to find the winner can be overwhelming.


Trends are moving toward targeting passive candidates who aren’t necessarily looking for something new, but might be the exact right person you need. It’s also important to build your pipeline by partnering with senior leadership to identify the people you want to bring into your company, so your hiring is deliberate and targeted.


Improve Internal Operations

With all the changes your business and the industries around you are experiencing, it’s easy to keep your eyes fixed on the outside, without paying attention to your own employees. If you want to remain healthy, work on improving the wellbeing and productivity of your employees.


This can mean taking time to restructure, if necessary, and focus on your core goals. Don’t get caught up in trying to revolutionize everything – sometimes the best plan takes you back to basics.


Keep Your Team Engaged

Aside from making sure business is running smoothly, you want a team that’s content in the workplace. This means you’re communicating with them, listening, and working to make improvements that benefit them and your bottom line.


Growth means nothing if you aren’t creating a satisfactory environment for your team. Don’t let issues like a lack of diversity or unfair pay hold you back and ultimately hurt your company.


Have no Fear With Staffing Resources

We know that, especially in this climate, you have hundreds of options but not enough time. We offer you a wide range of human resources support options that can help your operation run smoothly, including finding you the kind of talent you need, whether contract, temp-to-hire, or direct hire; verifying background information for candidates; employee training and so much more! Learn about all the ways Staffing Resources can help your business today!

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