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3 Subtle Signs Your Employees Are Burnt Out

March 28th, 2019

Every organization goes through seasons of intense workloads and never-ending projects. When this happens, your team works hard to push through, but this stress may cause problems down the line. When you don’t pay attention to these three subtle signs, your employees may become burnt out.


  1. They’re making more mistakes than usual

Because both you and your team are humans, mistakes will occur. The difference is you may see an employee making numerous mistakes that definitely isn’t like them. They aren’t concentrating as well in meetings and when you ask for ideas, they seem to be tapped out.


Even worse, they may be forgetting about these meetings, or perhaps even deadlines or projects. Things keep slipping through the cracks with them which isn’t normal behavior.


If you begin noticing issues like these, invite the employee in for a discussion about what’s going on. Let them know it’s okay to admit if they’re burnt out because you care about their mental health. From these conversations, begin a corrective plan to help the employee get to a place where they feel less overwhelmed.


  1. Their behavior has changed

Stress and anxiety can take a real toll on a person’s behavior, and this can be especially seen when they’re burnt out. Pay close attention to the personalities of your team member and continually gauge them during busy times. Have they become more irritable, cynical or even depressed?


These signs of being burnt out can have even greater effects on your employees beyond just the job so you want to make sure you’re providing help and support at every stage. Talk with them and adjust their workload when needed to make sure they’re staying mentally strong. If the solution is giving them some time off, do so without worrying about their work getting done. At the end of the day, helping them stay healthy is more important than your bottom line.


  1. They’re becoming more visibly exhausted and sick

Often the stress at work is hard to leave behind, meaning your employees may leave work exhausted but find themselves unable to relax or sleep well because they can’t let go of their workload. It becomes an issue of more than just being tired at work; prolonged exhaustion can lead to serious side effects like pain, hallucinations, difficulty in memory recall and even weight gain.


Similarly, a person with depleted energy is more vulnerable to the germs and viruses out there that can make a person sick. If you’re noticing a team member has been sick more frequently to the point of needing days off, they might be so burnt out even their body is failing them.


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