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Find Passive Candidates For Your Open Jobs With These 5 Tips

February 6th, 2019

Research indicates the people you want to hire for your open positions are passive candidates, meaning they aren’t looking. If finding a new job isn’t on their radar, they’ll never know about the perfect opportunity and even if they did, they might be too content to consider.


Instead of assuming you’re going to miss out on the candidates you want, learn how to find passive candidates with these five tips.


  1. Engage your hiring managers

Before you attract more passive candidates, you want to make sure your hiring team is engaged. Get them on board with your plan and make sure they’re ready for the new strategy.


  1. Embrace networking

Cold-calling a candidate out of the blue doesn’t lead to the best conversations, but talking to someone based on a referral may give better results. Take the time to attend networking events and encourage your team to attend as well so they can increase the number of professionals they know and the likelihood of finding passive candidates for future positions.


  1. Make it personal

If you’re going to reach out to someone via email, make sure it doesn’t come off like a robot with a script. This person isn’t looking and it’s your job to convince them to consider something different. Connect their experience with your position and provide several points to encourage them to engage in a discussion about the position with you.


  1. Be compelling

When a job description is bogged down with skills and responsibilities, any candidate may tune out the opportunity. This is especially true with a passive candidate. They’re not seriously considering a career change, but you can change their mind with how you sell the position and your company. Don’t focus it solely on what they do, but what they will get out of the job.


  1. Change your strategy

Instead of creating and posting individual opportunities, place them under a larger umbrella, and target how it’s shared. A microsite with an enticing opportunity and a nontraditional application process might pique your passive candidate’s interest. The other benefit is you can share this link along targeted social media, reaching new audiences.


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