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How to Look for a New Job While You’re Still Employed

September 20th, 2018

It’s common knowledge that it’s easier to find a job while you already have one, so searching while employed is an advisable approach to finding new employment. It can be tempting to walk away from a job where you aren’t satisfied, but then you’re removing yourself from professional networks and potential opportunities. Looking for a new job while you’re still employed is all about balance.


Keep it quiet

If your job search is a secret, don’t tell anyone at work. Even if you regard a co-worker as a close confidante, you can’t be sure how the watercooler talk will spread and potentially get you in trouble. Similarly, don’t use anyone you work with as a reference. Even if they can speak to your work ethic and abilities, it can be playing with fire. On the personal level, don’t share your job search online. You never know who’s a friend of a friend and how that information will spread.


Don’t use company equipment

When work starts to drag, it’s tempting to open a job board website and casually browse for opportunities. Even a company laptop or phone at home might seem like a safe option, but the truth is you never know who is monitoring your activity. To keep your actions off the grid, it’s best to limit your search to personal devices and internet only.


Interview around your work schedule

Showing up at work dressed a little nicer than usual combined with frequent short trips out of office can easily raise the suspicions of your co-workers and supervisor. Even though your work-day is prime interviewing time, try to schedule them around when you’re required to be at work.


Ask for confidentiality

Most applications ask if they can contact your current employer, and in this case, there isn’t anything wrong with saying no. You’re even able to request the company doesn’t reach out at this time during the interview. Employers are respectful of this kind of request given the sensitive nature of the situation.


Stay focused at work

Dreaming of a new opportunity or assuming your days at your current job are numbered can cause a severe decline in productivity. Instead of falling into this temptation, continue to stay focused and work hard. This will help you leave on good terms and maintain positive relationships.


Be honest when necessary

Eventually, the truth might come out. When asked directly by a manager or supervisor, it’s best to be honest. If they ask, explain why you’re looking elsewhere to give them some idea if it’s something they can correct moving forward.


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