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3 Key Factors to Consider While Deciding Between Two Top Candidates

December 12th, 2017

Sometimes after you conduct a few interviews, it is clear who the best candidate is for your open position. Other times, it’s more complicated. In today’s competitive workforce, it’s not unlikely you’ll receive several more-than-qualified applicants eager to work at your company.


Your team goes through the standard process, but at the end you’re at an impasse – you have two talented options and only one open position. To help make the decision, consider these three key factors first.

1.) Cultural Fit

At this point, you already know both candidates are qualified to work for you, so skill isn’t your first consideration. The most qualified person in the world wouldn’t be a good choice if you don’t think they will work with your team. Based on your interviews, whose personality seemed like a better fit with the atmosphere and general workstyle of your department? Another way of looking at it; consider which candidate seems like they’d fit in better at happy hour with your team.


2.) Experience

If both candidates seem like they’d fit in your environment, take a good look at what they’ve done and what they’ve accomplished. Consider how long they stayed in previous positions and the reasons they provided for leaving. Do they both seem stable or as if in a year they would want a new opportunity? Consider what they can accomplish for your company.

3.) References

Finally, you can listen to the people they’ve chosen to represent them. Most likely they won’t select contacts who will be negative, but you can tell from the tone whether they are sincerely representing the candidate. Maybe your top two look great on paper, but a past supervisor remembers one with only a passing acknowledgment and no further emotion. You want the candidate to seem excited to talk about, who leave you feeling like you need to hire that person.


Keep it Simple

Wading through applicants can be tiring and time-consuming. Consider a partnership with Staffing Resources to guarantee you’re finding the best candidates and you have the time to invest in the best fits for your company. As a top staffing agency in Atlanta, we’re here to make your business the best. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can bring the best talent to you.

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