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Delete! Delete! Delete! Tips on How to Clean Up Your Social Media Pages Before Starting Your Job Search

November 21st, 2017

When beginning the job search, there are a few basic steps we all take. We know it’s important to update our resumes and portfolios so they’re ready to present to potential employers. We have a few outfits lined up to wear to interviews and enhance our professional wardrobe if necessary. Sometimes during all the preparation, we can forget a crucial step: cleaning up our social media.


Almost half of all employers will look at your social media accounts when you apply for a position. While about 50 percent check out LinkedIn, almost 80 percent will look at your Facebook. They want to make sure you’re professional, qualified and a good fit for the company. Still not convinced it’s important? One out of every three candidates is rejected due to what they post outline. To make sure your skills are shining, try these social media cleaning tips.


Google Yourself

While most of us won’t have pages and pages of results, it’s important to know what the internet will say about you. Use the version of your name you send to employers to make sure you’re viewing what they see. If something negative is close to the top, work to enhance your other online channels to make sure the best representation of yourself is showing through.


Look at Your Pictures

College is a lot of fun, but some of those pictures might come back to haunt you. Drinking as an adult isn’t wrong, but if your social accounts show you drinking frequently, employers may get the wrong idea about you. Go through and either delete or untag yourself from photos that aren’t representative of your career goals. While you’re looking through your photos, check out your profile picture. Make sure it’s a clear picture of you, and not something disrespectful or inappropriate.


Lockdown Those Privacy Settings

Another easy way to balance your professional and personal lives is creating privacy settings that limit what potential employers can see without officially adding you. This gives you the control to show only what is pertinent to your career while allowing you the freedom to express yourself online. If hired, consider using the same settings if you add co-workers as friends.


We’re Here to Help!

These are just three of many simple ways to improve your social presence and give you the best chance of getting the job. At Staffing Resources, we’re here to provide a personal experience and help you find a job at the best places to work in Atlanta. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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