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What to Do After Getting A “No” From Your Dream Job

July 24th, 2017

“I’m devastated. A month of interviewing. I thought I had it. Just got an automated rejection email today from a lady that I’ve had many conversations with. It all feels very cold.” This is just one of many stories from users on Reddit r/jobs. If you’ve ever gotten a “no” from your dream job or dream company, you know exactly what this poster feels like. Knowing you’re not alone may (or may not!) be some comfort. And, at least for a while, it can feel good to pout, or rage, or vent to friends. But what can you do to really move on after a rejection that leaves you feeling devastated?

Stop Dreaming, Start Applying

Maybe this advice sounds harsh, but now is the time to remember your “dream job” is probably better in your imagination than in reality. Holding fast to the idea of a dream job can close you off to other great opportunities. Rather than spending days or weeks mourning the loss of one job, why not get right back to the job hunt, and look for a position with a company that can actually appreciate you?

Ask For Advice

Sometimes, as with the Reddit post mentioned above, you can’t even get in touch with a hiring manager once you’ve been cut from the running. However, if you are able to speak with someone at the company, see if they are willing to give you a reason for the rejection. If you can learn why you were not hired this time, you can work on the problem and resolve it before your next great job opportunity comes along.

Make Some Lists

When coping with rejection from a dream job, there are two types of lists that are helpful. First, make a list of your successes. What did you do right during the interview process? What compliments did the hiring manager have for you? What sets you apart from other applicants? A list like this can help you avoid falling into a negative, self-defeating attitude.

Next, make a list of what you liked about the job you did not get. Was it the company culture, the variable hours, or the pay and benefits? Creating a list of why it was a dream job will help you find your next dream job. As you continue in your job search, look for companies that have qualities from this list.

Feeling Stuck in Your Latest Job Search?

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