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Body Language Cues That Can Help You Ace Any Interview

June 22nd, 2017

If you’re bilingual, you probably know you have an advantage while job searching. But there’s another kind of language that can help everyone who’s looking for a job. We’re talking about body language. Learning to read the cues and respond to them will help you gain the upper hand in an interview. Here are a few basic signals to look for.

Fake Smile or Real?

A business manager is skilled at dealing with people and may seem hard to read. Is that a polite, fake smile they gave you, or a genuine one? The key to telling the difference, according to psychologists, is in the eyes (Source: Psychology Today). A true smile will include narrowed or squinting eyes (look for crow’s feet or lines around the corners of the eyes).

If you notice that interviewer is giving you a fake smile as you talk about your career goals, it may be time to change topics!

How Interviewers Listen

As you’re speaking, keep an eye on what the interviewer is doing. Are they tilting their head or nodding along? Are they keeping their eyes on you, pursing their lips? Are they tapping their pencil on the desk or shaking one leg up and down? All these things point to different emotions the interviewer may be experiencing.

  • Tilting of the head and nodding indicates they are interested in what you are saying, and agree with you or appreciate your answers.

  • Squinting and pursing their lips may mean they disagree with you or don’t like what they are hearing.

  • Nervous habits like pencil-tapping or leg-shaking can indicate boredom.

Use these cues to help you know if you’re on the right track or if it’s time to wrap it up.

Watch the Shoulders

When it’s your turn to ask questions, pay attention to the interviewer’s shoulders as they answer. Joe Navarro, a former FBI agent and body language expert, explains, “Without realizing it, everyday we use the shoulders to communicate nonverbally what we think.” According to Navarro, a shrug of the shoulders, or a slow rising of just one, can show that a speaker lacks confidence in what they are saying.

If your interviewer shrugs as they talk about the company’s benefits policy, they either aren’t well-versed in the information, or they simply don’t believe it’s as great as they are obligated to tell you it is.

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