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How to Leave Room for Creativity When Your Job is Process Driven

June 24th, 2016

It’s easy to get burnt out and bored from a process driven job, especially if you are in a technical or engineering role. Creativity doesn’t always seem to have a place in this type of environment. But, consider that it is possible to leave room for creativity when your job is process driven. After all, there is beauty in the process.

Think about the way you approach your job on a daily basis.

Do you simply follow the same rules over and over again, or do you allow yourself to come up with better processes? Even your work area and the way you set it up can indicate that you have a creative side that needs to be explored. Is it messy or organized, filled with books or paperwork?

It’s important to leave a space for creativity in any career, no matter how routine it may seem.

Creativity can happen in many ways. One way is through the company brand and how this is demonstrated to customers and to other employees. A brand can be highly creative, starting with the way that the leadership wants the company to be known right down to the way employees interact with the community. If you are in a position to promote this brand, then do so often.

Other areas of creativity you have personal power over in your career include your personal style of working.

Make room for creative sessions with other team members, collaborate with your customers on projects, and learn how to make the most of vendor relationships. The way you carry yourself, the image you project, and the values you stand for all equate to creativity.

You can also add more creativity in a process driven job by taking on new projects and challenging yourself to new experiences. Expand your horizons with ongoing learning. Take on a temporary assignment or contract gig once in a while to break up the monotony. Take the time to mentor other less experienced employees and show them the way to more creative processes. Be inventive and innovative, using the technology and tools you have available to you.

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