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Start Sounding Smarter…By Removing THESE Words from Your Vocabulary

March 21st, 2016

When it comes to a career, everyone wants to sound smart by developing a strong vocabulary. That means, taking the time to read, learn, and write using the best words. The same goes for crafting career documents like resumes, cover letters, and social media profiles. There are some words that work well and others that should be eliminated from your language.

Overused, irrelevant words should be removed from your vocabulary if you want to appear as intelligent to a future employer (and your colleagues). Here’s a rundown of the top words that need to go, now.


Ok it’s one thing to add emphasis to sentences and stories, but it’s another to add this word to every response.


Want to date yourself from the 80s? Then keep on using this word.


Again, people get the point of how strong you want your sentences to sound. Use the word where it counts, but the rest of the time leave it out.


This is an overused word in the technology field, and it’s gotten to the point of being annoying at best, hilarious at the worst.


As 007 says, never say never.


You may think that by using this word that you sound hip or cool, but in reality it just makes you sound lazy because you are not giving an accurate description of what the stuff is.


See, awesome above. And get with the times, man.


Although it’s meant to emphasize that someone is being truthful, when this word is used in any sentence it implies the opposite. Just be honest and state the truth.


Similar to honestly, the word says that something is literal or the reality for something, but it’s unclear. Instead, describe the literalness of the person, place, or thing…and leave this word out.


When you use words like this, you are not being assertive in your speech. These words demonstrate that you lack confidence and are unsure of what you are saying.

Any profanity at all

It may seem mainstream to inject profanity or swear words into our daily speech at work, but it’s nothing short of unprofessional.

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