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Onboarding Millennials Doesn’t Have to be A Challenge. Here are Some Tips!

December 22nd, 2014

Many companies struggle with the onboarding of millennials, because they tend to be a unique generation of talent that are hard to please. They are also one of the most technologically advanced group of all employees — which is why they are viewed as highly valuable in the workplace.

Here’s the thing; it does not have to be a challenge. In fact, it can be a major benefit to your business. Millennials are taking over the workplace as they start to replace a lot of the retiring baby boomers. If you follow the tips outlined below, you should have no trouble onboarding millennial employees.

Millennials Require Understanding

When it comes to onboarding millennials, you will need to provide them with a little more time to get adjusted to their new environment and allow them to understand what is being presented to them. For the most part, this will be the first time a millennial is in an office setting and their first experience in your industry. This means that you will need to teach and prepare them.

Allow Millennials Time to Adapt

Millennials will more than likely need time to adapt to your company. They are loyal, hardworking professionals who are great to have on your team. If your company is experience turnover issues with millennials, you might want to consider changing the onboarding process specifically for this group of employees in order to give them more time to adapt to their new surroundings.

Rid Onboarding Process of Challenges

One thing your company must absolutely do is get rid of any challenges in the onboarding process when it comes to millennials. For example, never make assumptions that a millennial will know something. When you make an assumption, it could put the millennial worker at a major disadvantage on the job. Your company will also need to make sure the millennials have an outlet available to them to ask questions and that will provide them with plenty of opportunity to shine.

Work Environment for Millennials

The ideal work environment for millennial workers is collaborative, fun, creative and centered around working in teams. Millennials love to converse and connect with their co-workers, which is why you need to provide them with such an environment when onboarding them into your company culture.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is incredibly important for millennials. Millennials want to have the feeling that they belong with the company, not like they are just another number. An excellent way to make this happen is by setting aside time to let employees, especially millennials, bond as a team where they can have fun while also connecting.

Closeness to a Boss

Millennials want to be close to their boss both on a professional and personal level. This means that as a company, you will want to make sure that department heads are connecting with their millennial employees both at the office and out of the office. Building a working and personal relationship with bosses for millennials is very important these days and it helps them make the onboarding process much easier.

Onboarding a millennial employee is much different compared to onboarding a baby boomer and your company needs to make these changes in their process immediately to prevent high turnover rates.

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