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Your Actions Can be Limiting Your Career Growth

December 19th, 2014

Whether you believe it or not, your own actions might be limiting the growth of your career. Actions absolutely speak louder than words, which is why you must always be mindful of how you act around others in the office. You do not want to send mixed signals, use negative body language or perform other actions that are detrimental to your career.

Here are some actions you may be doing on a regular basis at work that need to stop now.

Staying Powerless and Speechless

When you remain powerless and speechless, you are hurting the growth of your career in a major way. The most successful people stay in-touch with their power, know how to use it, and are not afraid to use it. They also do not have any trouble with talking about how they stand out from the rest of the crowd. They are able to tackle challenges, bring up concerns and speak with grace, poise and calm.

Resisting Change

Resisting change is a major action that will limit your career growth. The most successful people will be able to go with the flow and embrace change, no matter what it brings to your career or workplace. Those who resist change will complain about what has been placed in front of them, how life is not how it should be and remain stuck in the past.

Doubting Your Abilities

The most unsuccessful professionals will tend to doubt themselves quite often. When this happens, the professional will find it difficult to grow their career. Those who doubt themselves find it easy to second-guess themselves and even fail to go with their gut or instincts. The most successful people will be able to believe in themselves without fail.

Looking for Easy Answers

Professionals who continually look for easy answers will see their career growth stunted. There is nothing wrong with seeking help when it is necessary, but some of the most unsuccessful professionals will always look for the easy way out of a project or look for handouts when it comes to completing their work.

Too Many Absences

An employee who is constantly missing work due to absences will stunt their own career growth. You will never be able to get anywhere in your career because you will have a stigma of being undependable.

Wrong Use of Computers

Using your computer at work to send out Tweets, check Facebook, partake in online shopping or send personal emails is inappropriate and will stunt your career growth.

Gossiping or Bad Mouthing Supervisors

Employees who take part in office gossip or who speak poorly about supervisors or co-workers will find that their career growth is held back. This is esspecially true if you use social networks to vent about your work on a regular basis. Guess who may be reading your posts?

Refusal to Admit Mistakes

When you refuse to admit a mistake made, you will not learn from the situation, which will stunt your career growth immensely. It takes a mature professional to take responsibility and stop the finger pointing at work.

If you have done any of these actions of late, be sure to change your behaviors immediately if you want to grow your career.

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