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Your Mood at Work is Crushing Productivity – Change it!

December 12th, 2014

You show up at work each day, but really are not there. Having a bad mood while at work can hurt your productivity immensely. You will find it difficult to make progress on tasks at work, on paying attention during department meetings and much more. You need to change your mood at work and change it immediately, or else your job will be no more.

Use Positive Language

Whenever you speak, or write a document, make sure it contains positive or upbeat words. The more often you use positive language, the better your mood will be each day. The positive language must be used on the phone, in meetings, writing emails and when having discussions with co-workers and supervisors. When you use positive language, you will notice better moods on others around you too.

Look at the Upside

You need to look at the upside of failures as much as possible when at work. For example, if you fail to have your project pitch accepted, do not sulk or put your head between your legs. Instead, try to find a positive from the failure. For instance, maybe your pitch was strong and it got noticed by others from your department or from another department. This can help your career at a later date.

Encourage Yourself

Take time to write down 10 things you would tell a family member or your best friend should they discuss a failure at work with you. For example, you could say, “You did the best you could, and you will do even better the next time you make a presentation.” Take a look at this list and read one of the comments each time you fail while at work. It will help to change your mood while at the office.

Use Private Mood Boosters

If you know you have a long, difficult day ahead, use a private mood booster to help you prepare for work. For example, you can listen to your favorite rock anthem on the way to the office and sing it aloud in order to ease your mind.

Do Not Complain

Do your best to avoid complaining at work about anything that is bothering you, including issues at home or with friends. The more you complain, the more likely it is that you will have a bad mood while at work.

Offer Compliments

Offer sincere compliments as much as possible to those in your office or department. The compliments should not come often, but they should come when someone does something special at the office.

Take a Break to Play

When you are dealing with a bad mood at work, take a couple of minutes out of your day to take a break to play. Play a game you absolutely love on your phone for five minutes. It will lighten your mood almost immediately.

Going to work with a bad mood will deter you from completing the tasks at hand and negatively affect your productivity. Change your mood now to enjoy a more productive work week. If you want a positive change in your life and career, why not consider taking on a more enjoyable assignment through Staffing Resources in Atlanta, GA? We have part time, temp to perm and full time opportunities in and around Atlanta that will put a smile back on your face.

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