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Your Performance Review is Beneficial to the Company – Stop Dreading It!

December 5th, 2014

Nearly all employees at every company are subjected to a performance review at least once in a while by the management team. Many employees dread this day much like they dread going to the dentist. What you need to understand here is that the performance review is beneficial to the success of the company, which is why you should not dread it. A company wants to help its employees be as successful as possible, which is why they hold performance reviews. Here are some ways to stop dreading the performance review and actualy earning some praise.

Always Prepare

One way to stop dreading your performance review is to prepare for it. Prior to the review, write down your top accomplishments from the previous year at work. If a salary increase is being considered during the review, this list of achievements will help the manager consider how much you deserve. Your prep work will also help you plan out your career trajectory, which can be discussed at the review.

Find Dedicated Time

A performance review must be scheduled for a dedicated time, not just as a chance meeting during lunch. You need to schedule the review for at least one hour during the workday and let your staff know that you are not accepting any calls and do not want to be interrupted at all during the meeting. Also, be sure to have all of the distractions hidden during the review. This means that the television should be off, the desktop screen should be off and cell phones should be muted.

Listen to Constructive Comments

Your supervisor or manager will definitely be offering you constructive feedback during the performance review. You absolutely need to listen to this feedback and understand what it is your manager is trying to tell you. When your manager offers ways for you to improve, you cannot become defensive or upset with what is being said. Instead, you need to take it and use it to your benefit.

Doesn’t Happen Just Once

Even if the performance review occurs once every six months or once per year, feedback does not have to come just on those dates. If you have not heard from your boss in a couple of months, seek him or her out for some feedback about your latest performance. You can ask to be told something that needs work or something that you should absolutely continue to do on the job.

Consider Training Options

Another way to avoid dreading the performance review is to consider training options available to you. The review is the perfect time to ask if your employer will pay for you to attend training courses related to your career or if they will pay for you to take courses at a local university for an advanced degree.

The performance review is daunting for some, but it should never be dreaded. Your employer wants you to be as successful as possible, which is why the reviews are held in the first place.

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