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These Leadership Fails Can Destroy Your Organization

November 28th, 2014

Being a leader in the great state of Georgia comes with prestige, authority and a lot of stress. As good as it is, being a leader can also be difficult and challenging. We will discuss the biggest leadership fails that can destroy your company in this insightful article. Take notes and make sure that you do not make any of these mistakes at the office.

Failure to Listen to Those you Lead

As a leader, one of your most important traits has to be listening. You must pay attention to issues, concerns, complaints, problems and other challenges that your subordinates talk about in the office. The more you listen, the easier it will be to handle difficult situations and other problems. If you do not listen as a leader, you will lose the faith of your team members and the culture of the company will take a major hit.

Failure to Acknowledge the Work of Those you Lead

When you do not recognize the work performed by your team leaders, performance will be driven down as workers will not want to do their jobs anymore. The more you acknowledge your employees’ work, the easier it will be to build loyalty and empowerment in your department. As you acknowledge the work of your employees, you need to end the conversation with comments that put a charge into them to perform well again in the future.

Failure to Utilize the Talents of Those you Lead

Companies struggle with leadership fails on a regular basis, but one of the worst is failing to utilize the talents of employees. Each individual employee brings something different to the table that can help the company succeed. A good leader will sit down with each employee and tell him or her how the company plans to use their talents to the best of their abilities. When you do this, the employee knows they are being valued and their talents are being put to good use.

Failure to Disclose Enough Information

You should never withhold company information from those you lead. Employees have every right to know how well or how poorly the company is performing. The same can be said for sharing both positive and negative feedback about the department. Leaders must also collect all of the facts prior to making a decision on employees being punished or removed from the company. If not, the culture of the organization can become negative quickly.

Failure to Stop Holding Grudges

One of the worst leadership fails that can destroy a company is when management holds grudges against the people they lead. Leaders should never turn workplace conflicts into grudges. Once the conflict is resolved, the two involved need to return to a normal working environment. Everyone needs to be permitted a voice at work, no matter the conflicts managers have had with employees in the past.

If any of these management fails are present in your office, they need to be handled and resolved immediately or the culture of your organization will take a hit.

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