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Job Search Techniques You May Not Have Thought Of

September 19th, 2014

As the Atlanta job market continues to improve following the recession, more and more people are finding jobs at new and growing companies. For those of you who are currently unemployed, or who are thinking about moving to a new company, consider some job search techniques that you may not have thought of in the past.

5 Clever Job Search Moves You Can Make Right Now.

Spend Free Time at the Right Places

Whether or not you are unemployed, you should spend your free time wisely. This includes hanging out at the right places. Put on your best suit and head to an upscale hotel in your city or somewhere near your house. When you are dressed like you are traveling on business no one will wonder why you are in the hotel lobby or bar. Speak with those who look like they have traveled to the city for business. You might make a connection that could benefit your job search in the future.

Talk with Employers on Social Media Sites

Take advantage of having social media profiles, but make sure you do so in a positive way. Almost every company you would ever want to work for has profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Strike up some business conversations with these companies on the social media sites so  you can show them what you know about the industry and their organization.

Get Registered with the Right Temp Agency

A good number of companies who look to hire on a regular basis use temporary staffing services in Atlanta, like Staffing Resources. Make sure they are able to get in touch with you and you are a registered employee through this agency. Put your best foot forward by getting support for your resume, your job search skills, and other marketable skills that can help you land a job faster.

Advertise your Services Online

We have all heard about people standing on the side of busy roadways across the country holding sandwich boards that advertise their work experience. Instead of doing this, turn your job search into one that utilizes digital advertising. You can do this on a tight budget, so do not worry about breaking the bank. You can target companies for which you would like to work by having ads placed on their desktops and mobile devices by using Bing, Google and Facebook.

Be as Honest as Possible

It can be a major turnoff when people say what is on their mind or when they are 100 percent honest all the time. This is a very out of the box idea, but it might be a good idea to be as honest as possible in your job search. People might not like what you have to say, but you are trying to find a company that is the right fit for you as an employee. You will likely come across a company that enjoys your honesty and might offer you a job.

Go Against the Grain

If all else fails in a job search, consider going against the grain. Ignore everything you have ever been taught in school or at previous jobs when it comes to searching for a job. Use off-the-wall ideas for your resume, sing a song when leaving a voicemail for an employer, do not take out your piercings and do not hide your tattoos.

As you continue to search for a job, you might want to try one or more of the ideas outlined in this post even if they have not come to mind in the past. They could help you secure an offer of employment.

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