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Where to Find Your Next Hire in Atlanta GA

August 15th, 2014

Not every Atlanta company out there has the best method in place for finding the next hire. Some just “wing it” hoping they happen upon the right candidate at the right time. When this is the case, the company will struggle to find the best people available for the open jobs they have to fill. If this has been happening at your company, make sure you know where to look to find that next great hire in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Social Media is Important
It really goes without saying that social media plays a major role in the Atlanta job market today. Job seekers use it to find postings and companies use it to advertise their openings. Let’s face facts; no one is still reading the classifieds that are published in the newspaper each day when looking for a job. The internet has allowed us to find work at the click of a mouse.

A new study from iCIMS found that 51 percent of all the jobs posted to social media websites are posted to Twitter. That is an incredible rate. But, despite this, only one percent of job seekers expect to find a job on Twitter. LinkedIn was named the number-one site that job seekers expected to find a job, but it has only 23 percent of the total job postings published on social media sites by companies looking to hire.

The other two social sites job seekers use to find jobs after LinkedIn are Facebook and Google+.

Use Google+ to Your Advantage
Companies and their staffing agency should begin to post their open jobs on Google+ if they want to find the next great hire. The research from iCIMS found that less than one percent of companies are posting their open jobs on this social site. Despite this, jobs posted there receive four times as many views as jobs posted on other social sites.

Despite this data, Facebook is the winner for the amount of how many people applied for the job ads that they came across on social media sites. The data from the survey found that nearly half of the job seekers who looked at a job posting on Facebook applied for that job. The social media sites that followed were LinkedIn and Twitter.

Even Pinterest and Instagram received some love in the survey conducted by iCIMS, which looked at 60,000 job postings across all of the social media networks. These sites were viewed as likely candidates to help job seekers learn about the culture of a company and if they would be a good fit.

The bottom line here is that companies need to branch out and take hold of the social media reigns if they want to be successful in finding their next hire. Companies also need to consider using all the social media networks to post ads for open jobs — including working with staffing agencies who are active on social media on regular basis.

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