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Supercharge Your Resume with These 5 Tips!

August 8th, 2014

As you prepare to search for a new job in Atlanta, you need to make sure that your resume is supercharged. What does this mean? A supercharged resume means that it is solid from top to bottom, free of any mistakes, and grabs the attention of the reader instantly. All resumes need to have a piece of information at the beginning that keeps people reading further down the page. If this is missing, your resume will be tossed aside and you will never receive an interview.

5  Ways You Can Help Your Resume Soar!

Use Keywords in Your Accomplishments
One of the most important tips for supercharging a resume is to use keyword-rich accomplishments throughout the resume. Do a little bit of research when writing your resume to figure out which keywords are the most relevant to your career or industry. (HINT: They are found in the job descriptions of your target jobs) Then, use these keywords when writing about your accomplishments in your resume. Just make sure that they are not randomly placed in the content. When this happens, your grammar will take a hit negatively.

Determine Your Brand
In today’s highly competitive job market, everyone needs to have a personal brand. This brand should be highlighted and featured at the top of your resume. Do not include cliches such as “a strong leader” and “a good communicator.” When a human resource manager sees these phrases, they will move from your resume to the next one. Once you figure out what your brand is, make sure you come up with a one-to-three sentence statement that announces your brand and what it can do for a company.

Use SMART Stories in the Resume
An excellent tip for supercharging a resume is to use SMART stories for your most recent jobs listed. SMART stands for Situations with Metrics, Actions, Results and Tie-in. When you list your most recent jobs, provide the person reading the resume with examples of SMART stories from those jobs you have worked. These stories should be able to explain how you have made a difference at the company where you worked, hopefully for the better.

Use Modern Resume Formatting
When you supercharge your resume, make sure that it has modern formatting. This means that the resume should have bold, italic, larger font and even some color at random points throughout the resume. Each subtitle should be bolded and really important information should be printed in italics. You also need to make sure that there are spaces in between lines of text. You do not want all of the content crammed together because you are sticking to the idea that the content needs to be on one page.

Links are Always Helpful
If you have a Google+ account, a LinkedIn account or articles related to your industry published online, make sure you provide links to all of it in your resume. Just make sure that these items paint you in a good light and will not show any negative side of you at all. Clean up all social media profiles before including links to them. Add and update your profiles and portfolio often to keep it fresh.

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