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Incentives for 2014 Temp Workers

April 11th, 2014

Incentive plans are generally available for full-time workers at companies across the country. Some temporary workers are eligible to receive them too. There is nothing wrong with offering incentive plans to temporary, seasonal or part-time workers. In fact, it can help improve employee morale, improve performance of work teams, and increase the productivity of the company at the same time.

As a rule in 2014, incentive programs for temporary workers should be attainable during the short time employees are with the company and the rewards should be available immediately upon completion of the program. Here are some guidelines for offering something more to your temp workforce.

Cash Incentive Plans Work Well

Bonus plans are not just for full-time employees. They can also work well for temporary employees. All employees will tend to work harder when a cash incentive is involved. You can use a quarterly, or bi-monthly, program that rewards employees for excellent work. For example, you could provide monetary bonuses to temporary workers who stay employed with your company through the summer months or through the entire duration of their contract.

Employee Gift Programs

An excellent short term employee incentive idea is to purchase gift cards to area businesses and restaurants. Then, let the employees know what you have and how each different gift card can be earned. Using a contest such as this one can really get employees interested in the work they are performing. You will be surprised at how much the productivity will increase when gift card incentives are introduced.

Paid Time Off

There are not many companies out there that offer their temporary or seasonal workers paid time off. The reason for this is that their contract might be for just three or six months. If you really want your temporary workers to enjoy their time with your company and work hard, consider offering them some earned paid time off. You can do this by having the employee hit certain milestones prior to achieving the paid time. For example, he or she might need to record a specific number of sales or bring in a pre-determined number of leads.

Creation of Team Awards

Team awards are an excellent way to motivate both full-time and temporary employees. Team awards can be handed out at the end of a project or as milestones as different levels of a project are completed. A team awards program can benefit the company in two ways. The first is that it will motivate employees to be accountable for each other and the second is that it will motivate employees to perform their best work possible.

Company Discount Programs

Chances are, your organization already has established relationships with area merchants and vendors, Pass this benefit along by enrolling in multiple discount programs from local businesses and retailers. Then, create a company-wide discount program. The company will not have to pay anything, but your employees will be able to save a nice chunk of money when patronize those businesses due to the company’s enrollment.

There are plenty of other incentive programs your company can create to make temporary workers enjoy their employment with your business. This is just a brief list. The more you offer your temporary workers, the more likely it is that they will work hard while on the job. Staffing Resources is a top Atlanta GA staffing agency with temp workers for every industry, for short and long term assignments.


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