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4 Ways to Improve Online Job Descriptions and Advertisements

October 23rd, 2013

Are your online job descriptions not getting the attention that you are hoping for from quality candidates? If you are getting less than stellar results from your job advertisements or if employees are struggling to meet the performance requirements of each job type once hired, perhaps your online job descriptions need an overhaul.

Why Online Job Descriptions Matter to Your Business

The use of an online career portal and other online recruitment advertising sources are commonplace with many companies, especially those that recruit on a regular basis. Well-written online job descriptions can support this effort, because they reflect the corporate culture, the unique requirements and the challenges of each assignment. Not getting closely matched applicants for assignments, having problems with current employees understanding their roles can be signs of poorly written online job descriptions.

4 Steps to Better Online Job Descriptions

Use these steps to draft online job descriptions that are accurate and attractive to candidates, for more effective recruitment.

1. Use keywords in job titles and descriptions.  When it comes to searching for a job online, very often candidates use job specific keywords to find online job adverts. This means your job descriptions will have a better chance of being found by great candidates if they contain the right keywords in the text. Review the job descriptions on O*Net and make sure your assignments contain these keywords.

2. Use custom URLs if possible to help SEO.  A career portal works best if it is stored on the same URL and server as your corporate website. Build your career pages one at a time, adding your online job description, requirements, and compensation information with a page that is an extension of your domain in a PHP style with the job description keywords, page tags and metadata.

3. Ask current staff to describe the ideal co-worker. If you are worried that your online job descriptions do not closely match the actual job duties, you may want to survey your current staff or spend a few days shadowing them to better understand this. You’ll benefit by having a much clearer picture of what each assignment involves so you can write more accurate online job descriptions.

4. Write a job description that targets your corporate culture.  As part of your effort to improve recruiting and hiring, you’ll want to provide candidates with a sneak peak of your corporate culture through your job descriptions. Include information about your company values, mission and the work environment.

The most important part of writing online job descriptions is that they help to attract great candidates to your company. Provide your job descriptions to your temporary recruitment team as well so they can place the right, high performance candidates with your business. If you are looking for recruiting agencies in Atlanta, contact us today.

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