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Improving Corporate Communication – Leadership Tips

June 20th, 2013

Improving Corporate Communication – Leadership Tips

Communication between managers, team leaders, and their employees, seems to be lacking these days. As a human resource representative, it is your job to try to improve the communication between management and their employees. By improving corporate communication, the business as a whole is improved. This lets everyone know what their role is, provides room for positive feedback, and creates room for growth.

Read on for some helpful leadership tips for improving corporate communication.

Provide Valuable Feedback

Start improving your corporate communication by giving valuable feedback. Don’t focus on just constructive criticism or positive feedback, but get a good balance of each. Constructive criticism is going to provide employees and management something to work towards, while positive feedback gives others a good sense of accomplishment and the confidence needed to improve communication with others. The end result is a rise in trust, and therefore better corporate communication.

Communicate Better From the Beginning

From the very beginning, you should be improving your communication at all levels. Be consistently trying to find ways to improve the communications between management and employees. Many team leaders are reluctant to be involved in communicating effectively, and they will benefit the most from certain specific situations. Negative behaviors at work can be reduced if they are forced to communicate when they aren’t comfortable doing so.

Have a Regular Process

As a rule, leaders and management enjoy having a routine and a regular process for delivering information. Even in corporate communications, this is a fact. Keep this in mind and help create a productive process for a routine with good behavior and improved communications between employees. For example, having talks between team leaders and team employees on a weekly basis, around the same time can be a good process. Management comes to expect this, increasing how comfortable they feel communicating with their employees.

Encourage Practice

For public presentations, communicating at the corporate level can be the most difficult. Instead of throwing your team leaders into the audience, give them a chance to get some practice, similar to a rehearsal. Bring them to the site of the meeting, announcement or presentation, and let them run through it a few times until they start feeling more comfortable. Encourage public speaking training and practice among peers.

Measure Improvement

Finally, when you begin introducing these new processes, routines and methods into your corporate life, allow management and employees a way to get their improvement measured. By measuring the progress, you know which techniques are working well and which still need some work. You should always be improving different facets of your corporation, including how your leaders communicate with others.

Corporate communication is more important than you might imagine. If you notice a lack of communication, incorporate these ideas and you will notice a difference almost immediately. Staffing Resources is the leading provider of staffing services in Georgia. Contact us to help land the next leader for your organization.

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