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4 Ways to Improve Your Work Space

June 14th, 2013

As spring and summer roll around, people start thinking about improving their daily lives. This is usually with spring cleaning, starting a healthy eating or fitness routine, or getting caught up on various responsibilities. At your job, you also have some options for improving your work space.

For you, the focus should be on improving your work environment, effectively changing it for employees and colleagues. Here are some ways to improve your work space.

Encourage Better Health

Employees that are excited about improving their overall health, are generally happier and more productive. They get a boost of energy each day, leading to more motivation and productivity. In order to encourage better health in the workplace, try implementing a wellness program. Offer discounts for local fitness clubs, provide fruit and healthy snacks (instead of donuts during work meetings), and have a weight loss contest for your employees. You will notice improved contentment from employees, and the added bonus of fewer employees calling in sick.

Improve the Hiring Process

When hiring for new employees, it tends to cause strain and stress for everyone involved. Just looking for one candidate can prove to be a headache. Instead of struggling through locating a good candidate, consider improving your hiring process by starting an employee referral program. Provide incentives to your employees who are willing to refer people they know and trust for open positions. Allow them the first option of filling internal assignments, rather than looking outside the company.

Organize Workspaces

In regards to the actual workspace where employees are getting most of their work done, there are many ways to organize and clean these areas. By keeping different areas of the office more organized, it can save time and improve productivity. You can also choose to accept recommendations from employees who may notice issues with the office set-up. This can include how the cubicles are arranged, moving the copier or fax machine to a more accessible area, or even updating your break room. By allowing employees to share ideas for improvement, it improves employee satisfaction as well.

Re-think Your Meetings

Business meetings tend to go much longer than necessary, reducing how much work is being done. To combat this issue, think how you arrange and handle meetings. If you have information that can be announced in a 15-minute segment, there is no reason to set aside an entire hour of your workday for a meeting. Consider whether it is something you can simply email to your employees, rather than asking them all to interrupt their day in order to hear a short presentation.

To improve your work space and environment, look at how the offices are currently running, and find small and simple changes. Each little change you make can have a dramatic effect on employee satisfaction. If you are looking for someone to help manage your employees, contact the staffing experts at Staffing Resources today. We have the network and resources to help you land top talent!

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