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Job Descriptions that Land Candidates

June 7th, 2013

Do your job descriptions accurately describe assignments in a way that attracts the best candidates? If you are not getting the desired results in your recruitment strategy, it’s very possible that the job descriptions advertised are not serving their purpose.

Consider what the candidate experiences and how the job description affects the quality of their interview and onboarding process. A good rule of thumb is to create job descriptions that include all the requirements, benefits, and objectives of each assignment. The time that you spend developing good job descriptions pays off in a big way – you will better attract the high quality candidates your business needs to stay ahead of the competition.

Creating job descriptions that land great candidates

What are the elements of a well-written job description / candidate magnet? Let’s dive in and take a look at what your job descriptions need to succeed.

Keyword Job Title

Candidates are doing most of their searches online today; therefore you must ensure that your job titles are accurate for the assignment and keyword optimized.

Vital Job Requirements

You can attract the right candidates when you take the time to list out the most important requirements of the assignment. Don’t create vague descriptions; instead narrow down the focus to what you need the candidate to be able to do every day.

Basics of the Assignment

Now comes the part where you add the actual shift hours, the working conditions, any physical requirements, and special details of the job. Don’t leave these out because you will only waste your time and that of the candidate’s.

Special Credentials

If your management team prefers that a candidate have a specific set of credentials, such as education or training, make sure you list this on the job description. There’s nothing worse than an interview gone wrong because a candidate does not meet these expectations.

Salary and Compensation

Some recruitment pros say to leave salary off the job description, however this is information that can attract candidates if it’s worded into the description carefully. Include any special perks your business offers to employees too.

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