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Ways to Increase Candidate Engagement for Better Hires

May 16th, 2013

Recruitment is a vastly different animal then it was in the past, thanks to new avenues for sourcing and attracting candidates. Instead of merely finding candidates who fit well with the job description, recruiters are actively searching for ways to engage the top candidates to flock to their doors. This shift in focus to candidate engagement is what helps to drive the branding efforts of the world’s leading companies.

It has long been know that in order to be the best, one must hire the best. Therefore, recruiters have the ability to engage with and build relationships with key candidates. Here are some ways to improve candidate engagement from the very first contact with your business, to attract amazing candidates.

Create a streamlined recruitment process.

Having a simple, easy to use application, screening and interview process can impress any candidate.  Take the time to objectively walk through the steps in your recruitment process to find ways to make this less complicated. Start with an online application that easily accepts resume data, followed by an online assessment and screening questions. Then set up auto responders that personalize the message and an immediate request for phone interview using a calendar scheduling system.

Foster your business brand and outreach.

What kind of image does your business project to the rest of the world? From job descriptions and onsite content to the posts and images you share on social networks – everything counts! Take the time to establish a well-rounded brand and then use this as a launch pad for sharing with potential candidates. Create a true sense of your corporate culture and how your business is different and better than the competition.

Offer unique incentives and opportunities.

Your company can only attract the best candidates if you provide the best incentives for high performers. Anything less and you are shortchanging your efforts. Take the time to review your current compensation structure and then add value by including low cost incentives that are unique for your market. Be sure to communicate this well with a written list of your benefits and perks of working for your company. Highlight these benefits often on social networks and ask for feedback from candidates who are applying for assignments.

If you are looking for ways to improve employee engagement and attract top talent, contact the experts at Staffing Resources today.

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